Why Agastya

     The school is run by a team of individuals who are committed to provide World-Class infrastructure and an excellent academic atmosphere for the next generation. The upcoming green campus is designed to provide a learning platform for hands on learning of sustainable living practices.

The Secretary and Executive Director, Mrs. Vidhya Chendhil has over twenty five years of experience in the field of education. She graduated from PSG college of technology, Coimbatore with Distinction in Computer Science Engineering, in the year 1992. Out of interest in the field of education, she studied B.Ed through IGNOU and was an All-India Gold Medalist in the year 2003. She believes in providing a holistic learning environment where the head, heart and hands are equally nurtured to provide well-rounded and grounded individuals.

The Kindergarten curriculum at Agastya Academy is inspired by the Waldorf Education System, which is today the fastest growing independent school movements in the world. Waldorf Education is based on the insights and teachings of world renowned philosopher, artist and scientist, Rudolf Steiner. The Agastya team endeavours to grow day by day into the philosophy and provide a nurturing learning environment for the children.