Admission for new academic year starts in October of the preceding year. Parents are requested to fill the Registration form. The admissions office will contact the parent within five working days and intimate the parent regarding the date and time for a meeting with the Executive Director / Principal / Academic Coordinator.

We at Agastya, believe that the Parents, Teachers and the School management should work hand-in-hand in the upbringing of the child. So, we have an “Orientation talk” with every parents to help them understand our philosophy and check their alignment with our ideology before commencement of admission process.

For Kindergarten children, the parents will be interviewed by a teacher to gain sufficient knowledge about the child’s home atmosphere. For grade school children, an assessment will be conducted to check grade readiness. Within five days of the personal interview, a letter of confirmation regarding the status of admission [confirmed / not confirmed / wait list] will be emailed to the parents.

Once admission is confirmed, the parents are intimated to fill the “Student Admission form” and pay the fees within ten working days.