AWAKE! oh human ! ARISE ! earth will survive  without us !

It is easy to discard and to destroy ;but it takes a great deal of creativity to recreate ; our planet today needs children who can conserve and recreate from our available resources ; this generation needs to reinvent themselves ; to lead a  sustainable life is not a status symbol anymore ;
tsunamis , earthquakes and cloudbursts are nature’s warning to the human race – yes , we humans are the last species in evolution of life on earth ;  In just one century, we have destroyed and are destroying  our ancestors ( the microbes , insects , trees …. who have evolved and perfected themselves over millions of years…)AWAKE! oh human ! ARISE ! earth will survive  without us ! the question is only about OUR  survival …..
As an educationalist i often ask myself …..what is it that we should  to be teaching our children ???? or rather , what should we unlearn so that we help our children self- learn ???

   Mrs. Vidhya Chendhil.,BE.,B.Ed.,MS

                                                                                                                                                    Executive Director

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