Our Preschool and Kindergarten

                              In preschool and kindergarten, children learn primarily through imitation and imagination. In a mixed-age group the younger children learn through imitation from the older children. We provide a plastic free play atmosphere for the children with natural materials like wooden toys, pebbles, shells, hand-made dolls etc. Inspired by Steiner’s teachings, our curriculum is based on the Waldorf Education Model which provides for the developmental needs of the fast growing child. Children are engaged in meaningful and purposeful activities like gardening, cooking, painting, weaving, Knitting etc.

Singing, finger play, beeswax modelling, storytelling are some of the activities through which we enliven the inner world of the child. Outdoor play and movements is integrated into our curriculum. This is the preparatory step for reading and writing later on.

Developing a sense of wonder and reverence for all living things is our primary objective. Festivals are celebrated to nurture this spirit in the children. We actively involve our parents in such activities to provide a home-like atmosphere for our children. The Mothers participate actively in the reading circles to better understand our philosophy.