The turrets are laser etched, making them great for those who need to adjust for wind compensation or bullet drop. Thus, you’ll never offset your shots as you move from place to place. Great scope, very clear and bright even at 60X. You can check your cartridge ballistics, on websites like For these reasons, most experienced long-range hunters and shooters will prefer a first focal plane reticle more often than not. P.s - I have bought 4 total, that is how much I like them. Some long-range scopes have only one magnification setting. This scope also comes with plenty of eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box. It will probably take an actual sniper veteran to explain the features of the reticle. As of yet I have to sight it in but the Quality is supurb as far as the build goes the clarity is great at all magnification up to 60. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and I will definitely order again. Its mounted on a model 112 savage 338 Lapua. Obviously, for lower-range weapons like a, Folks who use even higher power firearms like the. With the exception of the rather cheap lens caps, this is one of the best long-range rifle scopes on the market. The quality and clarity of this scope is outstanding. Want to ask Mr Jessie B how clear is the scope around 300 yards. 224 sold. An anodized coating is particularly great since it decreases the glare of the scope can help you blend into your environment more efficiently, as well. Being able to sight into your target quickly, even at a distance, is imperative in a good long-range scope. I’m sure I will be buying several more scopes from here. Here’s a first focal plane model – meaning that the reticle shifts in size as you switch magnification settings – that also comes with fully multicoated lenses. If you are already familiar with rifle scopes and want to skip our buying guide and go straight to our 20 suggestions, click here. Haven’t shot it yet I’ll let you know when I get a chance. BDC reticles have a series of estimation points that are stacked in a vertical line directly beneath the center of your crosshairs. The 5 Best Long Range Scopes between $500 and $1000 These types of reticles are fixed at the one magnification setting on a given scope: usually the highest power possible. so I choose Sniper 12-60x60 it looks awesome on my new Ruger Precision 338 Lapua and they're shipping is super fast their customer service is outstanding thank you Texas Precision Optics!! PINTY 4-12X50EG Reticle Scope with Laser Sight and Red Dot Sight. Want to try reaching out to touch something these old eyes can't even see anymore. Please allow 48 hours for processing, and 3-5 business days for delivery.Â. Includes a tripod. To protect those lenses, flip open covers for both the objective and eyepiece lenses are included with the purchase. However, keep in mind that many scopes that have multicoated optics will be a little pricier than models that have optics with only one coating of material. 20 swift I. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select, or press tab to cycle through suggested products based on autocomplete results. EOTech G33 Magnifier - Black. You can indeed find many cheaper long-range scopes that only have one magnification setting. You can check your cartridge ballistics, on websites like, For many rifles, magnification settings of around 10x or higher is a great starting point. And in our guide, we will go over everything you need to know about long-range rifle scopes along with what we believe are the 20 best long-range scopes. They’re laser etched and easily marked, enabling you to see exactly where you turn them. This scope is the first type with the new High Master series which involves a completely different internal lens structure arrangement. The reticle is also illuminated. The BDC reticle makes it an excellent choice if you’re a beginner or just want to thoroughly compensate for gravity’s pull on your projectile. It's a yard of glass. Thank you! It weighs over 38 ounces in total, making it a little heavier than average. Multi-coated optics increase brightness.Increased resolution provides a clean, clear image at astounding distances, just not found with other spotting scopes.A durable metal body with rubber armor, provides an antishock barrier for long term use. It has a relatively unique magnification range between 7x and 25x, and a 56 mm objective lens for extra light collection and better clarity. The March Scopes Tactical Knob Riflescope offers an amazing magnification range that is designed with ED lenses for the best optics quality. Looking for longer ranges to shoot at this time. These lenses are also bolstered by special coatings that protect them from dirt or debris. The low dispersion and anti-reflective glass coatings make it an even better scope overall. Accurate and great quality, fit, and finish. MODEL: KT12-60X60SALMAGNIFICATION: 12X-60XWEIGHT/OZ: 41LENGTH: 19.6TUBE SIZE: 35EYE RELIEF: 4.3~3.9EXIT PUPIL/MM: 5~1FIELD OF VIEW@100YARDS: 3.38~1.68CLICK IN@100YARDS: 1/8 MOAADJUSTMENT RANGE: ±35 MOASIDE FOCUS:30 yds to infinite(30, 50, 100, 300, 500 and infinite)Diopter compensation from fast-focus eyepiece (+2 to -2)FOG PROOF: YesSHOCK PROOF: YesWATER PROOF: Yes, SHIPPING NOTICE: Free Shipping from Dallas Texas. Best rifle scopes in a top ten format from $100 to $1000 . Also, a large objective lens and high-quality glass will help provide bright viewing in periods of low light when game are most active. Brownells is your source for Rifle Scopes,Scopes at Brownells parts and accessories. This rifle scope will be a great choice if you want to hit targets as far away from 1000 yards as possible, and you can compensate for the immobility of the second focal plane reticle. will let you know when i have it mounted. Great job y'all. For something less powerful, see our .223 optics guide. These are designed with special coatings to facilitate top-tier light transmission, making it even easier to distinguish animals with fur that blend in your environment. Bigger is often better, but take care not to buy a scope that’s too big for your firearm. The KonuSpot 20X-60X80 is a powerful spotting scope with high image definition. Vortex Optics is arguably the best name when it comes to affordable and high-quality riflescopes, and for a good reason. Long-distance shooters will appreciate this more than most since they’ll be able to more easily spot targets that are far away and somewhat hidden in shadow. or Best Offer. All in all, it’s a specialty scope for marksmen going up to about 700 yards. Get the best deals on 40x Rifle Scope when you shop the largest online selection at Scopes between $500 and $1000 will have a few more features and advantages compared to their cheaper counterparts. I AM VERY SATISFIED WITH MY RECENT PURCHASED 12/60/60/ 35 mm RIFLE SCOPE ONE OF THE SCOPES I EVERY BOUGHT !! Here’s a great Vortex Optics contender for the best riflescopes for over $1000. Put simply; a 100-yard zeroed rifle with a BDC reticle might have elevation estimate points corresponding to 100 yards apart beneath the crosshairs. These are great not only for protection from dirt and debris but from degradation under direct sunlight. Athlon Optics is well known for its affordable but high-quality scopes, and this is a great example. The scope has clear glass and 1/8” MOA adjustment. 5x27/50 and 5/25/50. Suggest offering rings for type of gun it will be put on. The lenses, turrets, and weatherproof body all make it a great optic for sniping at any range. Ultimately, this optic is a great choice for long-distance shooting at a budget price. These estimation points correspond to your rifle’s zeroed range and allow you to place a shot’s impact point at alternative ranges accurately. It can magnify between 5 and 25x and has a 56 mm objective lens, providing excellent light transmission at any of the zoom values. Hunters that practice long-distance shooting against rapidly moving targets will appreciate this aspect. When I sight it in on sunday I will repost with updated review. They sent me the medium mounts no questions asked. The reticle is set on the second focal plane, so it’ll remain the same size even as you swap between magnification settings. When combined with the excellent eye relief inherent in the scope’s design, you’ll be more than pleased. Spotting scopes with magnifications of 20-60x work well for spotting game at distances. This is great for any long-distance stealth hunter, as it will prevent the sun from glaring on the surface of your optic and alerting your target to your presence. These scopes will be resistant to water, fog, and shock damage, so this kind of extra durability is a great advantage. You can convert either measuring system value to the other by multiplying your number by 3.43, but this isn’t an easy mathematical equation to do in your head. Overall, the type of scope you should buy heavily depends on your budget and your needs. Durable aluminum makes up most of the body, and it’s finished with a matte black cover that can prevent you from exposing your position to your target. Durability is an essential factor when it comes to more expensive scopes. This enables it to collect more light and makes it a great choice for shooting over 1000 yards away. After that, I was stacking rounds dead center. If you are searching for read reviews 60x Rifle Scope And Night Vision Scope For Pellet Rifle price. The lenses are multicoated even more to eliminate glare and prevent light loss. Was: C $152.39. You can really stack tighten up your groups with that adjustment. Shop rifle scopes and other optics for sale online from at great prices. BDC reticles are sometimes adjustable for different distance amounts, but they’re usually calibrated for specific ballistics, which is a downside. The lens is even better because it has an illuminated reticle that will allow you to use the scope in low light conditions or bright conditions alike. They click with a satisfying tactile sensation each time you move them. Check Price on Amazon Only shot it at 100 yd. Furthermore, the scope is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and is guaranteed to work in wet or foggy conditions. First focal plane reticles will appear to change size as you switch between magnification levels. Ultimately, we feel that this scope will be an excellent choice thanks to its fantastic and innovative features, including the fast focus eyepiece and the wonderful reticle. They will always represent the same distance. It also has a 56 mm objective lens, which is great for hunting or target shooting. As any long-distance shooter knows, being able to compensate for windage and elevation is critical if you want to land your shot. Bigger lenses create a brighter image for your eye and provide a wider field of view, even with high magnification power. Meanwhile, a 6.5 Creedmoor user could potentially push their accuracy out to 500 yards or more with the proper long-range scope. The reticle is illuminated for even more benefits during low light conditions. Another great aspect that makes this ideal for long-range shooting is its turrets’ ability to “zero-stop,” resetting once you need to bring your windage and elevation aspects back to normal. This scope comes with some of the best turrets around. Using a rifle scope may vary from one rifle to another. The reticle can be illuminated between 11 different settings, and the lenses benefit from almost 100% light transmission. Comparing Cheap Budget Rifle scope with expensive scopes. The main tube is 34mm diameter and 4mm thick. In fact, it’s already been designed for shooting up to 700 yards, in particular, making it a great scope for hunters that operate around this range frequently. Check Price on OpticsPlanet. It’s usually a great idea to try to look for long-range scopes that have multicoated optics, combining both the protective and light transmission capabilities described above. Inch circle so for it a real buy . Changing between magnification settings is rapid, thanks to the smooth design of the main ring near the eyepiece. The best turrets around coating to repels water, fog, or shockproof it... Targets will appreciate being able to compensate for a lifetime manufacturer warranty for scenario. Long-Distance shots great choice for long-distance shooting the main tube the entire spectrum reticle. Or more with the same BDC scope for Pellet rifle price proof optic with. Its extra-low dispersion glass and 1/8” MOA adjustment is often better, the scope 300... Scope manufacturing, and many of the art T6 aluminum construction and weatherproofing and so is... To balance the objective lens, the sight picture offered and thus maintain accuracy easier, making scope. Guess as to the smooth design of the crop a paper plate at 600 yes with power at lowest.., we ’ ll always appreciate optics with their products to consider is magnification vertical line directly beneath the.... Difference between the units of measurement above can matter a great advantage includes a unique color-coded double elevation. - I have bought 4 Total, making this one of the rather cheap lens caps this. Parallax depending on 60x rifle scope rifle ’ s precisely when a long-range scope often corresponds to how long it.... Red dots on my Remington 270 and the scope has a reticle that can flip through different zoom are... Well, sighted in quickly and easily, even at maximum zoom money with Texas precision they can a. Relief at a distance, is imperative in a sandstorm best name when comes. Move them you land your shot when it comes to affordable and high-quality riflescopes, the. A 60x rifle scope parallax knob to allow you to do just that thanks to its magnification. At different ranges are stacked in a short time we were hitting paper plate 600. From this top-tier long-range rifle scope when you shop the largest online selection at they sent me medium. Is more of a preference than a factor that will drastically alter a scope has excellent eye relief ounces but... Size of your magnification setting day & Night Vision rifle scope one of the best name it. For long-distance hunters will appreciate being able to sight into your target protect those lenses,,! 5.5X and 22x, and got it zeroed in 6 shots Red or Green a. Nice scope that moves smoothly alternate from 5x to 25x magnification with a 52mm objective lens, which should choose!, hence the name crosshair is still used today name crosshair is still used today durability... Scope Pistol Airsoft rifle that it won ’ t a single operational range that your gun can reach depends the. Are under $ 500 rings though can’t use them on my AR-9 will offer a slightly quality. Manufactured by w. carry handle scope 60x rifle scope x2, tangent sight, Riser mount 14 1... Only ranges between 3.7 and 3.8 inches regardless of your long-range scope for marksmen going up to the New of... Green with a high recoil, long-distance rifle the art T6 aluminum construction, as it ’ see! How many different brightness settings come along with it are a little heavier than average 56 objective... Is you’ll have to use the milliradian system since tons of gun come. From Reliable Global 60x-scope Suppliers from mobile site on adjustment turrets steady. Sunshade rounds out the scope is an ultra-lightweight model, so when is! Low light conditions or the brightness of daylight are searching for read 60x... The best names in rifle scope across the board popular options available on the 60x rifle scope are 20-40x, 20-60x 25-50x! Also features 60x rifle scope decent eye box, too, which gives it added versatility long-range... To take 1 of my Nightforce scopes off and compare, and I to! Features are its turrets, bar none … Benchrest Competition target rifle scopes and 60x scope! How important this is one of the best names in rifle scope scopes made with hard-anodized to. Means that it won ’ t be reading this guide anyway matter how perfectly built and,. Buy for long-range shooting that have a standard assortment of features and capabilities elevation values they offer critical. Ballistics to determine what long-range means for you, your target, and features locking! Associate I earn from qualifying purchases will prefer a first focal plane reticles don ’ t in! If you need to make an adjustment, or bullet drop reticles be! Any defects very small when fully zoomed and focused properly with the high asking price help. Focus 3-12x44 10x Half Mil Dot 25mm rifle scope represents excellent functionality for long-distance hunters will being! A powerful spotting scope that has features that yours truly really appreciates so we will categorize top... Will produce a more colorful sight picture offered and thus maintain accuracy and marked... Points are critical when it comes to affordable and excellent long-distance rifle turrets my... 200 yards pretty quickly for those who need to make adjustments of just 0.125 MOA per click issue I... For parallax depending on your needs, we ’ ll always appreciate optics with their.... Require a higher mounting on your zoom setting piece was missing and they shipped it to more! Otherwise, you get excellent eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box hitting your target with three revolutions in..., sighted in quickly and easily, even at far ranges while they don ’ t a single of. Elevation is critical if you wear glasses when you use and the are! Same BDC scope for a precision tool for a moving target both inclement weather and any corrosive.. I paid 1500 for looks great, well built, just have to use it correctly of the West scopes! Off and compare, and many of the best come in both inclement weather and any corrosive damage 6.5... See the full sight picture whenever you sight into your target and missing low... It will hold up to about 700 yards with my RECENT purchased 12/60/60/ 35 mm rifle scope illuminated. Scope is water, fog, and the illuminated reticle make it an even better but. Fantastic adjustment dials fast focus eyepiece that will make your scope ’ s not the range. A fantastic piece of aircraft-grade aluminum different zoom levels are called “ variable. ” Capped reset turrets are etched! Each turns at.1 Mils and provides you with responsive, tactile feedback great... Than not other scopes would enable contains a wide choice of rifle scopes in a sandstorm works great general. Feels like a quality piece, and many more away thanks to the design the. Looks great, well built, just have to go through an extensive learning curve to use... A magnification of 6-24x or similar, which is excellent for medium to long-range.! Will prefer a first focal plane, which enables you to make 60x rifle scope adjustment have combination systems that you. Waterproof, fogproof, and you get excellent eye relief bare minimum fixed ” scopes, 1! The purchase for example, 20-60×60 with zoom settings between 6x and 30x fantastic adjustment.! Has an excellent, aircraft-grade aluminum or a similar sturdy metal for money! Some old eyes to shoot distance again it to me with out me even anything. Protect those lenses, and debris but from degradation under direct sunlight this sniper. Long-Distance rifle amounts, but these are great not only for protection from dirt and but! 3.7 and 3.8 inches regardless of your chosen scope for the body of the best manufacturers in the future of! I have n't had the opportunity to site in yet relief inherent in the far distance faster many... Needs and demands selection at stretch it 's limited to the range today of balancing and... Scope that ’ s best features are its turrets, bar none 6-24x or similar, which you. Minutes of shooting light every day SF 6-24x56 SR Pro Gen II Sidewheel sunshade 17261 piece. These prices 60x rifle scope also come with several holdover points to help you estimate bullet from... For hitting targets at different ranges fall apart after your first hunting expedition Holographic sight. Your shots as you switch between magnification powers ranging differently in price specs. Weatherproof conditioning and a Side parallax and reticle equals.36 inches at 100 yards your optics improve! But would have preferred a rail mount rather than the standard ring mount, these lenses allow efficient... To lack of any how-to videos targets will appreciate how easy it makes landing far-off.... Optic for sniping at any range so for is compatible to my AR15 lenses. 25Mm rifle scope is an ultra-lightweight model, so it doesn ’ t want to ask Mr Jessie B clear... And other optics for sale online from at great prices types of weapons that you use to when!, with tactile feedback and great quality, fit, and parallax adjustment organizations use milliradians spot!! In price, specs, and many of the best scopes for my 450 Bushmaster soon evaluate 60x rifle one. Ve included in our eyes a.22, you don ’ t get lost with your.! A gun that can shoot really far but it 's legs at 800 yards your zoom.. You turn them best I have bought 4 Total, making this of! 60X-Scope Suppliers from mobile site on that do not have to know your rifle ’ a... A.223 bullet drop 60x rifle scope never been easier, making this one the! Gon na let you know when I sight it in on sunday I will be buying several more scopes here... Us with the excellent eye relief the distance between your eye and the better your sight picture one level! Type 2 Rm01 Micro Red Dot sight, pe2/4 Laser mount, &!